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The Portfolio Performance (PP) manual consists of four chapters which are derived from a popular documentation authoring framework. The documentation is structured along two axes: practical versus theoretical knowledge and learning versus doing.

  • Getting Started: If you're new to PP, this chapter will help you get started. It covers everything from installation to creating a new portfolio, importing securities and transaction data, and evaluating your entire portfolio.
  • Basic Concepts: Although PP is a highly intuitive and user-friendly program, the underlying financial concepts can be complex. This chapter provides a concise yet clear understanding of key Portfolio Performance concepts, such as accounts, transactions, reporting periods, IRR, and more.
  • How-to: In this chapter, you'll find step-by-step descriptions of common procedures, including data import, dividend booking, finding historical quotes, and more. A few tips & tricks and special cases are also described.
  • The Reference Manual is a detailed and technical description of all functions and user-interface elements of the program.